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Vision, perception, and aesthetics -- I know this is pretty arcane stuff so why blog about it?   It started when I began to think about some of the basic guidelines that most designers consider when we do initial layouts.  These guidelines deal with things like the effective use of white space, evocative color palettes, appropriate typefaces, etc.   I'm aware of them and I usually respect them.  I know they work but I wish I understood more about why they work.  I want to know more about the processes by which someone senses my art with their eyes, perceives it with their brain, and ultimately has feelings about it?  

Believe me. I know these questions have sweeping breadth.  It is wildly optimistic to expect that all of them will be answered satisfactorily.  But let's start somewhere.  None of these questions are new; great thinkers have considered them for millennia.  One advantage we have today, however, is that there is a substantial new scientific understanding of human sight and visual perception.  There is even a renewed vitality in the field of aesthetics. 

Finally, I am not trying out for the part of professor here.  I have studied these topics enough to know how little I really know.   Let's explore this together.  I'll try to keep the ball rolling with a blend of posts and my best references.  There are many visual "parlor tricks" that actually reveal important clues about seeing and visual perception.  They also can be fun. 

In the next post, we will look at one of these "parlor tricks."  The results initially seem pretty benign.  We will see how these results demonstrate an important aspect of eye anatomy and reveal the brain's role in what seems like simple sight.  I’ll also share two of the best references I have found.  

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