Business Designs must effectively communicate a message. The purpose might be to advertise a product or service, to promote an organizational image, or for corporate internal communications.  A great designer grasps the context as well as the content for the message.  Without an understanding of the message context, other essentials like design style, artistic skill, and on-time delivery will fail to achieve the intended results, at any price.

Schematic Illustrations often start with a "visual mess" that may capture the required details but lacks the visual organization needed for others to comprehend the details. Effective illustrations remove unneeded details but preserve, clarify, and highlight the most important features.   Effective schematic illustration requires the utmost cooperation between the designer and subject matter experts.

Motion Graphic Designs can be anything from the simplest titling for home videos to feature-length cartoons and 3D animations. For instance, Gerber Grafix produced a 20s corporate communications spot that displayed on lobby HD screens throughout the client’s area buildings. The same concept can help small businesses with waiting rooms or significant pedestrian traffic, e.g., doctors, dentists, travel terminals, shopping malls and even auto dealerships.

Personal Designs are those projects for my family or just to develop my craft. These personal designs also illustrate the kinds of work that Gerber Grafix  can do for you.