Large organizations have access to full-time teams of designers.  That kind of dedicated design service makes no sense for individuals and families who have only occasional needs for small design jobs.

Maybe your design needs are so simple that you could do it yourself. Why come to me?  Great question. Doing it yourself makes good sense unless you don't have the time, don't quite remember how to use that pesky software, or just want a fresh look.     Oh yes, don't forget that nasty last step of trying to make what comes from your printer look like what you saw on your screen. 

FEDEX-Office and Vistaprint offer excellent design-to-print services that allow you to create your own print designs online and have your finished print order mailed to you.  I have used both of these services and I highly recommend them.  Each offers a wide variety of design templates, a very wide variety, actually a bewildering variety of design choices.  For a very modest fee, I will help you with your design template choices. The rest is between you and your online service.

Maybe you just want to do it yourself and use those "templates" that shipped with your office software, you know, the same templates that everyone else uses.  Is all that "pixel-pushing" effort really worth your time?  Please consider turning the entire project over to               GERBER GRAFIX.

Here's how it works.  Contact me at (703) 399 0305 or by email.  We will discuss what you want to accomplish, e.g. invite guests to a party, announce the sports schedule for the new season, advertise a school event, distribute brochures at a trade show, post a banner for a large event, etc.

Most of my clients want printed products but I also do graphics for online use, e.g. a logo design or custom banners for your home page.  (I do not design entire websites.)

Regardless of what you want, I will send you a draft design (usually by email) along with a quote.  

No Obligation.    Cost to you so far?  Nothing.